MET Music Academy is a social, not for profit enterprise and the brainchild of Francis Seriau: acclaimed educator and musician founder of Tech Music Schools (Drumtech, Vocaltech, Basstech, Keyboardtech, Guitar-X).

To help realise his new vision Seriau teamed up with industry giant, Music Producer ‘Kipper’ and Fred Bolza, Vice President, Creative Group, Sony Music. From this collaboration was born Met Music Academy’s extraordinary formula. One which was specifically developed to include the needs of both talented musicians as well as those of the music industry.

Francis Seriau, Hon DPhil, FRSA, Founder, Educator, Musician - Music Business & Entrepreneurship

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Acclaimed Educator, Music Entrepreneur and Musician, Francis Seriau is an authority in his field. Francis has pioneered and led work in music education since 1983 and helped provide the crucial bridge between vocational music training, academia and the music industry. He founded the first contemporary music school in the UK, the world-renowned Tech Music Schools, starting with Drumtech in 1983 followed later by Basstech, Vocaltech, Keyboardtech and Guitar-X. In June 2010, after over a quarter of a century developing specialist music education, Francis sold his schools. Now, through a range of new exciting projects and services packed with fresh insights and new ways of thinking, he is again sharing his knowledge, passion and experience - helping musicians and organisations around the world as well as developing new music business opportunities.

Francis Seriau"For me as a music educator it’s always been about innovating, making things happen, bringing talented musicians together and giving them opportunities they might never have had. Met Music Academy is the natural progression. It’s also about giving something back.

The world of music has changed enormously over the last decade and it's moving very fast. Understanding the bigger picture, being equipped to seize the opportunities, make the right connections and forge lasting relationships – these are all essential for a lasting career - and they’re what we provide..”

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Kipper - Grammy and Emmy winning producer

KipperKipper is a Grammy and Emmy winning producer and musician, best known for producing and performing on Sting’s biggest selling solo album Brand New Day as well as the platinum albums All This Time and Sacred Love. His passion for music was fired by being given a guitar at the age of seven and within a week was playing Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love”.

The albums he has produced have sold more than 15 million copies, and Kipper has gone on to work with Stevie Wonder, James Morrison, Mary J Blige, James Taylor, Richard Marx, Clay Aiken and Chris Botti.

"I know MET Music Academy is what musicians need in the 21st century. Tangible and viable links with the music industry in the broadest sense. Educating, supporting and directing producers artistes and musicians towards making a sustainable career from their music as well as being the best they can be in their fields.  This is a vocational music experience with vision and focus that I wish existed when I started out and was searching for direction."


Fred Bolza - Vice President Creative Group, Sony Music

Fred is responsible for the development of Sony Music’s strategy in the UK and runs an in-house marketing agency which helps labels connect artists with the widest possible audiences by offering planning, insight, partnership, digital and creative services.

He’s also responsible for running a small incubator that creates strategic partnerships with selected start-ups. Previously, Fred worked as a strategist at PRS For Music and as a management consultant advising ISPs, mobile operators and media companies. He currently DJs a monthly jazz night, writes about obscure records and used to be in Canadian garage punk “sensations” The Cryptics.

"I believe that MET Academy - by bringing together musical education, industry experience Fred Bolzaand access to exciting developments in tech - creates a unique opportunity to educate, inform and inspire a generation of young music makers and beyond. The approach in crafting this programme reflects both how the current world works as well as meeting a need for a greater holistic understanding of the constituent parts of the musical economy. I am delighted to be part of the it and look forward to seeing it all come to life!"

Fred Bolza